Exciting News for TVO ILC Students!

It's official, the new TVO ILC Portal is now live! This is the place you will manage your student account: enroll in new courses, monitor course progress and marks, request help from a TVO ILC Academic Advisor, update your personal information, and more. Better yet, what you see today will be strengthened in the coming weeks as we add new features.

This new online portal is one of a number of upgrades we are making to ensure TVO ILC enables an exceptional learning experience for you. As part of this, we invite you to learn more about the roll-out of our newest online courses. While this introduction does not affect the course(s) you are completing now, a new course may be something to consider as a next step towards your goals. Be assured that you will be able to continue to work in your current course(s). 

In the meantime, please remember to activate your account in the new TVO ILC Portal by following these steps:

  1.  Visit the "change your password" page. 
  2. Enter the email associated with your current MyILC account and click 'submit. You will receive a password reset email with the subject line "For Your Action: Please Reset Your Password" within 24 hours. Please be sure to monitor your inbox, including junk and spam folders, for this email during this time. 
  3. Open the password reset email and click on the link provided.
  4. Enter a new password and click ‘submit’ to update your password for the new TVO ILC Portal.
  5. Visit the TVO ILC Portal  and login with your username and new password.  
  6. Explore this new portal, and bookmark it as the place to visit for your TVO ILC student needs.

If you have related questions, please check our FAQ’s or send an email to ilc@tvo.org. A member of our team will be happy to assist. 

Your TVO ILC Team

Introducing New TVO ILC Online 2.0 Courses

With the goal of enabling an exceptional learning experience for any student over the age of 14, TVO ILC, Ontario’s largest high school, is excited to announce a new, upgraded English and French course offering. Roll-out of new TVO ILC online 2.0 courses will begin April 2, 2019, with courses being introduced at regular intervals over the next year, replacing TVO ILC’s current 141 course offering. 

Leveraging TVO’s unique digital platforms, the new and improved TVO ILC courses will provide a more student-centred learning experience, offering greater choice and interactivity to strengthen student engagement. This means more personal choice in how each student interacts with course materials and/or approaches assignments. For example, students may be offered: the choice to read text, watch video, or look at visuals; an opportunity to focus an assignment on one of several subjects; or may provide the option to complete an assignment for additional learning purposes. This also means an interesting and enjoyable course experience for every student. 

New, upgraded online 2.0 courses will be rolled out in priority order, with the highest enrolled courses, including English and Math, being introduced first to maximize student impact. Many courses will follow a 2-step upgrade, transitioning from PDF format to online 1.0 format to online 2.0 format during the transition months. A few courses will also transition directly to an online 2.0 format (skipping the interim online 1.0 transition).

During the year of transition to these new courses, where a TVO ILC online 2.0 course is not yet available, students will still be able to enroll in whatever course version is available: an existing PDF or online 1.0 course version. All these courses meet and exceed provincial standards for curriculum and pedagogy.  As you explore courses, you will be able to see the course format type in the course overview.

The introduction of new and upgraded TVO ILC online 2.0 high school courses will further serve students in reaching their personal, career, and life goals.

Students currently taking a TVO ILC course will not be affected, and they will continue working through their current course(s) as they always have. Students may choose to enroll in a new course as a next step towards their education or personal goals.