ILC is proud to work with both public secondary school boards and inspected private schools in Ontario.

Our wide selection of accredited distance secondary school courses are a perfect complement for schools looking to provide more education options for their students, including:

  • Expanded course selection

  • Flexible learning options outside of regular school hours for athletes or co-op students

  • The option to upgrade course marks

  • Alternative learning programs

Eligible schools

Publicly funded day schools

In Ontario, the Ministry of Education has four publicly funded school systems managed by district school boards:

  • English public  
  • English Catholic
  • French-language public
  • French-language Catholic

Inspected private schools

In Ontario, private schools operate independently of the Ministry of Education and in accordance with the legal requirements established by the Education Act. While all private schools in Ontario must meet the same general requirements, additional requirements are imposed on private schools seeking the authority to grant credits toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) -- these schools are considered Inspected Private Schools.

How it works: For parents/students

In the public school system, the school board sets up an agreement with ILC in order for their schools to enroll students in ILC. Inspected private schools can sign a formal agreement with ILC.

Students under 18 years of age may take an ILC course as long as their school has a Day School Agreement with ILC. Parents and students enrolled in public day school or inspected private schools are asked to contact their school’s guidance department to inquire about enrollment with ILC and to request an Enrollment Form D. Without an agreement in place, students currently enrolled in day schools (public or inspected private) cannot enroll directly with ILC.

Currently enrolled in an adult program?

Please visit the Ontario residents page for students over 18 years of age.

How it works for schools: Four simple steps Expand Link


Setup a Day school agreement with ILC.

In the public school system, a board superintendent is responsible for setting up an agreement with ILC. The public school principal must request that the superintendent include their school's name on the list of authorized schools that is sent to ILC.

Inspected private school principals can sign a formal agreement with ILC on behalf of their school.

If a school board or inspected private school does not have a Day School Agreement with ILC, a student enrolled in that board or school cannot enroll directly with ILC.

Register students.

Once a Day School Agreement is in place, ILC provides all schools on the board's authorized list or the inspected private school with a customized, pre-coded Enrollment Form D, which is to be completed for each student enrolling in an ILC course. Day school students may enroll in up to four courses at one time.
This form must be faxed to ILC at 416.484.2750 or emailed to

Pay course fees.

School boards and school authorities are obliged to cover the ILC fee for their students taking ILC courses. Publicly funded school boards and schools are not permitted to pass this cost onto the students. Some inspected private schools may choose to cover ILC fees for their students. ILC bills the school board or the inspected private school directly.

Facilitate the program.

The school facilitator is required to:

Counsel students regarding appropriate course selection and the responsibilities associated with distance education.

Enroll students by signing and submitting the pre-coded day school enrollment forms.

Distribute course material sent by ILC to students during the school year (course material will be sent to students' homes during the summer).

Monitor student progress and encourage students to complete their units in a timely manner.

Enter ILC credits earned on each student’s Ontario Student Transcript (OST).

Issue OSTs and midterm reports to students enrolled in ILC courses. (ILC will issue a certificate of course completion confirming the final course mark.)

To learn more

We encourage public schools and inspected private schools to contact the ILC Day School Officer to inquire about partnership agreements, or with any other questions.  

Call us at 1.800.955.8330 or 416.484.2733, or email us at