TVO ILC courses adhere to Ontario Ministry of Education requirements and cover all pathways to graduation. Courses are offered in English or French, through an independent distance education model. You can begin when you like and work at your own pace.

How to read a course code 

The first five characters of the code are standard and recognized across Ontario. Let’s learn how to read a course code, using this example: ENG4UC. 


Course title

The first three characters of the course code (ENG in this example) refers to the name of the course. ENG4UC is an English course.



The fourth character (4 in this example) refers to the grade of the course. 1=Grade 9 2=Grade 10 3=Grade 11 4=Grade 12 ENG4UC is a Grade 12 English course.


Course type

The fifth character (U in this example) refers to the type of course. In Grades 9 and 10: D = academic (preparation for Grade 11 and 12 university courses) P = applied (preparation for Grade 11 and 12 college courses) O = open (preparation for further study) In Grades 11 and 12: U = university preparation M = university/college preparation C = college preparation E = workplace preparation O = open; may not be designed for university or college requirements ENG4UC is a Grade 12 English course designed for university preparation.

Accessing your courses

You can find all your information in TVO ILC Portal, your online hub. Your student record, courses and course marks are all accessible from one place. 

Course delivery

Courses are provided in one of three interactive online formats. You will access your course content, read course materials, submit your work and even complete final tests online. 

Our course materials are built to support each course’s unique content. Resources may include audio, video, readings, practice exercises, assignments, interactive activities, personalized reflections and more.

Exciting news for students, we are transforming our course experience by introducing new grade 9-12 courses that provide an upgraded “2.0” learning experience. This will translate into an improved course experience, greater choice, and more dynamic interactivity as students work through course material to earn credits. 

Visit the infohub page to learn more about our new course experience.